Getting Started

  • Phone Discussion Regarding Scope of Work
  • Introduce you to Parkside Interiors, our Beginnings and Processes
  • On-Site Discussion to Complete Scope of Work
  • Determine an Estimated Budget
  • Establish Start Date


  • Determine the Scope of Work
  • Review of Estimated Budget
  • Preparation and Execution of Contract and Obtaining Initial Deposit


  • Obtaining All Necessary Permits
  • Coordinating all Sub-Trades and Suppliers
  • Start of Renovation
  • Renovation Completion and Final Clean Up
  • Customer Walk-through and Final Review

Common Questions

  • What is feasibility of the project?
  • Is this something you have done before?
  • What are some alternatives?
  • What is the timeline for entire project?
  • What is the timeline for each phase of the project?
  • Can we live in our home during the renovation?
  • Can we do sweat equity?
  • Are there any materials or mechanicals we can reuse?
  • Is our structure sound?
  • What kind of permits are required, if any?
  • What are the costs associated with permits?
  • Feel free to contact us for answers to some of these commonly asked questions and any more you may have.


How will your contractor answer these in-depth questions?

Are you just starting to look for a contractor to help with your next project, or are you in the middle of a project gone awry? We are more than happy to share our years of experience in the renovation business with you, whether you choose us as your renovation contractor or not.

Please take a look at our our checklists to help you get the answers you need. When you are shopping around for a contractor, present them with these questions and compare the answers you receive.

Project Feasibility
  • Is it feasible to build what we want?
  • Have you done anything like this before?
  • Is there a better way to meet our needs?
  • How long would it take?
  • Can we live in the house during construction?
  • Can we do some of the work ourselves?
  • Can you estimate how long each phase will take?
  • Can we reuse our existing mechanical systems or will we have to upgrade them?
  • Is our current structure sound?
  • Can you summarize the whole project process?
Property By-Laws
  • Do we need a Development Permit? How long is this process and what does it cost?
  • Do we need a Building Permit? How long is this process and what does it cost?
  • Do you take care of all permit & code compliance?
  • What portion of my lot can I cover?
  • Do you arrange for the necessary inspections?
  • Will easements, right-of-ways or setbacks affect our plans?
  • Do we have to get approval from our neighbors?
  • Can our neighbors stop us from doing this work if they do not approve?
  • Will we need any surveys or engineering reports?
  • Has the City/Town ever rejected a permit application?
Rights & Responsibilities
  • Are there standards that we can expect you to comply with?
  • What does your insurance cover?
  • What does our insurance cover?
  • Do we have to be home to let workers in?
  • Do you protect/cover our existing floors, cabinets, etc.?
  • Do we have any financial protection if something should happen to you or your Company?
Financing & Budgets
  • Do you offer “Fixed-Fee” and “Cost-Plus” bid options?
  • Do you have a standard payment schedule?
  • Can our project be designed to fit a pre-determined budget?
  • Can you give us a rough estimate of our project cost?
  • Are there circumstances that can affect the schedule/budget?
  • Can our project be broken into major phases or options?
  • Is there a fee for your detailed Formal Bid?
  • What if you don’t pay your sub-contractors or suppliers?
  • Should we have a contingency for changes or upgrades?
  • Do we need a Mortgage or Line of Credit?
Designs & Drawings
  • What is the difference between a Designer and an Architect? Which do we need?
  • Do you have a Designer that you work with?
  • How much should this design cost?
  • Should we meet with both you and the Designer initially?
  • How long will it take to complete these drawings?
  • Will we be able to review them and make changes?
  • Can the Designer give us suggestions?
  • Should we be assembling a “Clip-file” and “Wish-List”?
  • Is the Designer aware of the project cost considerations?
  • Will the designs be based on those cost considerations?
Schedule & Process
  • Is there a best time of year to start our project?
  • Will we have a written schedule so we can prepare for what is coming?
  • Will changes made “in-process” affect schedule and/or budget?
  • Are your projects generally completed on time and on budget?
  • How long will it take?
  • If we see a problem developing should it be pointed out to the Site Supervisor?
  • What is the availability of your sub-trades?
  • Are there security and safety issues regarding kids & pets?
  • Will you be able to keep our jobsite reasonably clean?
  • How do we get started?
Seal the Deal
  • Negotiate the price
  • Sign a contract
  • Order plans
  • A deposit will be required
  • Key exchange
  • Confirm insurance coverage
  • Establish a Project Schedule

see some of our customers’


  • I would highly recommend Parkside Interiors. I found Harald extremely honest and so reliable. He always showed up when he said he would and returned his calls promptly. Also his work was impeccable!! He really is a star in customer service! No complaints at all.

  • I was very happy with the renovations that Parkside Interiors completed for me.  They were very thorough, extremely knowledgeable with the products and construction, provided excellent advice and helped with ideas.  The work area was always left very clean at the end every day.  Harald is very meticulous, courteous and has a pleasant personality to be around.  I would recommend Parkside Interiors for any home renovation.

  • After discovering I had asbestos in my home, I decided to remove everything to stud and start from scratch. A friend of mine told of a contractor/craftsman who I could trust, and would help me make the repairs worthy of all the headaches I was about to go through. Harald Hubner worked on my home for nine months, and the finished product is not only asbestos free, but an accomplished home that is the pride of the community. Harald was there from the beginning, making suggestions and being honest when it came to wishes versus reality. When the job was complete, friends, family and neighbors were astonished at the practical beauty of my home. It wasn't easy, trust me, but Harald brought in his trusted electricians, floor specialists and plumber etc and got to work. Five and sometimes six days a week Harald came to my home and laboured over the many aspects of bringing it back from the dead. He personally worked on reconstruction of our living room and kitchen, dry walled our entire house, tiled the bathroom, kitchen and entry way. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. So much so, that when we wanted to improve our exterior so there was curb appeal, we brought in Harald to make it happen. Again we had some brilliant dreams on how it should look, and fortunately, again, there was Harald making practical suggestions so it would happen without crippling our bank account. Can I recommend Harald for your home? Without reservation. He's honest, hard working and qualified for any job If he can't find a solution to a problem, he knows someone who will. What more do you need in a contractor?

  • I have hired Parkside Interiors for several jobs now both at my residence and business. In all cases I have been extremely pleased with Harald's workmanship, attention to detail and overall job management. He has renovated two bathrooms in my home, completely repainted the outside siding, balcony and trim as well as office renovations at my business. These projects included extensive tile work, drywalling, painting, plumbing, fixture installation etc., attesting to Harald's versatility and expertise and were completed in an efficient and timely manner. What was most impressive and appreciated was if a problem arose during the renovations, Harold would consult with me how to proceed and never just cover it up.  The work area was always left tidy after each day, refuse disposed of and with minimum disruption to the household. Without hesitation, I would recommend Parkside Interiors to anyone looking for quality renovations. Thanks Harald for my beautiful bathrooms and all the great work you have done!

  • I decided to change the counter tops in my kitchen and bathrooms and put in back splashes as well. A friend told me that Parkside Interiors could help me out with that so I called Harald at Parkside and asked him for a quote.  He came to my home and did the necessary measurements, etc. and provided me with a quote.  I was happy with that and so I hired him to do the work.  He coordinated the counter tops and the plumber to disconnect and connect the sinks and was with them when they came to my home to take measurements, etc.  He did the tile work for the back splashes and they are everything I had hoped for.  I didn't have to worry about a thing.  The work was done quickly and efficiently and I am absolutely delighted with the finished product.  He is very knowledgeable and has good suggestions that you may not have thought of.  As a matter of fact, I have asked him to give me a quote on another project.  I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Parkside Interiors for whatever work you might be thinking of having done in your home.

  • Parkside Interiors did a great job renovating my kitchen. Harald and his team were easy to work with and offered many great suggestions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harald to others.

  • Parkside Interiors completed a few renovation jobs for us and we will definitely be calling them again.  Harald is honest, hard working, reliable and a perfectionist, things we value and appreciate in a contractor.  We would not hesitate to recommend Parkside Interiors.


Trust the Professionals at Parkside Interiors.

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